Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style?

Our cinematography is journalistic - real and raw storytelling.
We let things unfold by themselves, letting events blossom & people breathe.
However I edit, the point is to arrest the audience & take your breath away.

What makes you different
from other videographers?

I take my philosophy in filming very seriously.
I take great lengths to remain as unobtrusive & candid as possible.
I pride myself with excellent camerawork, further enhanced by exceptional editing.
More importantly, I believe that my work has a tremendous impact on people's lives.

I truly do.

As much as I have a burning passion for filming fleeting moments creatively, it has always been about the impact I can create from telling the story of one of the most important days of your life.

I completely believe in my work. I wholeheartedly believe that  it has the potential to be the best thing that you would have spent on your wedding, especially after the test of time.

How many videographers
will be filming on my day?


In order to create the best film possible, we make it a point to capture your day with multiple cameras. Having a second cinematographer improves the quality & quantity of your coverage.

I am the lead cinematographer for every wedding shoot & a second shooter will also be present for the whole day.

We typically start coverage when the bride and groom are getting ready in the morning  & finish at the end of the wedding formalities.

What is a Same Day Edit,
and what exactly is the big deal about it?

The “SDE” is the centrepiece of our service. Footage of the preparation & ceremony are edited into a one-song highlight video - ready to be shown during the reception dinner.

There’s a certain wonder in the guests’ eyes as they watch what transpired earlier on. As we dim the lights, sit back, relax, and re-live your wedding day on film.

Let this hand-crafted piece take your breath away. We couldn't think of a more perfect way to conclude the night.

Is the final edited video
strictly limited to a certain
time frame?

The running time we give as examples are just approximates. 
The length of the wedding video is greatly dependent on what happens on the actual wedding day.

Who picks the music?

I would be happy to receive suggestions for music to be used in your wedding film. 
However, it may not be possible for me to use certain pieces due to copyright.
More importantly, I pay for & license the music of the films that I publish online,

(1) supports & respects the artists who make the music
(2) validates my own creation & work of art without the shroud of intellectual property rights infringement
(3) The music you might choose may not reflect the events & moments that transpired over your wedding day.
(4) on the essence of art, it is my creative duty as an artist to select the best music to suit your story.

You can always head to the ff: websites to browse, curate, and pick licensed music for your wedding video:
The Music Bed | Song Freedom | Marmoset 

If you have any ideas, I’m always ready to listen.

P.S. I’ve personally chosen the music for 95% of all the wedding videos you see on this website.

By when can I expect to receive
the completed wedding films?

The Same Day Edit is delivered within the day, & The Cinematic Highlights is delivered within three weeks after your wedding. The Cinematic Movie takes approx. 3 months to complete, and the delivery date depends on the editing demands of the studio.

It’s for all the right reasons though – I want to make sure that we’re delivering the best we can to our couples.
As I do not run a wedding video factory, I try to make each video distinct from the rest, nothing generic.

Please rest assured the end result will be well worth the wait.

Do you require meals
on the wedding day?

Yes, simple meals for the crew will be very much appreciated.
Most reception venues actually do have vendor meal options available.

Why don’t you have a package
for photography

It’s a matter of expertise.
This is what I’m good at & I’ll stick to it.
If you wish, I could send you a list of photographers who share the same passion & creativity for the craft as much as I do.

Do you accept pencil bookings?

To ensure I don't double book on the same day, and also to avoid any mistakes with the bookings, I can't accept pencil bookings.

How do I book you for my wedding?

To secure your wedding date, I would only require a $1,000.00 AUD retainer fee.
The remaining balance is scheduled for payment 7 days prior the booked date.

Do you shoot outside of Australia?

As a matter of fact, I do. 
I’ve done Greece, New Zealand, Spain, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China, and The Philippines.
I’ve done Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth too.
Which is not too far from home, if you ask me. 

Being in the wedding business for more than eight years, what have you learned?

Shower before every wedding.
Dress appropriately.
Never be late.
Be nice to everybody. 
Observe. Observe. Observe.
Your bride is your queen. Do as she wishes.

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The importance of craft in my work is reflected by my commitment to serving a limited number of clients each year. Forging a profound connection with couples from day one, I believe the most authentic films emerge from a mutual trust.


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