Y O U R  L E G A C Y
I believe, our couples have the greatest story to tell. The story no one else could have written.

It's a story of tears, laughter, anticipation and hope. 
I believe that these stories are worth holding on to and passing on for generations to come.

A wedding is so much more than an event. It 's history in the making. 
It's full of moments that are much bigger than all of us and can change the course of the world.
It's a story that marks the birth of a new family and the beginning of a legacy. 

My passion is in caring for that story.  
My greatest calling as a filmmaker and as storyteller, is to make history. 
It's in beautifully capturing the moments that make your story unique. 

Here, you'll find a gallery of carefully crafted stories.
A celebration of love and family. History in the making.

Y O U R   P R I C E L E S S   M E M O R I E S
forever yours to keep

If these stories connect with you,
I'd love to hear from you.

I believe every couple is unique, and every wedding film should be too.
Our structure allows you to choose the experience and details that matter most to you.

Wedding Collections start at $3,000.00 AUD
For full details of my packages and services, kindly use the contact page to get in touch.
From my heart to yours, thank you.

Aldin Ortinez is a multi-award winning wedding cinematographer, based in Melbourne, Australia.
Aldin Ortinez Wedding Films