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About Me

My ultimate goal is to tell your story in the most beautiful way you could possibly imagine, and to have you watch your wedding film even after several years and still be able to feel the exact same feeling you did on your wedding day.

I recognise that what I do is about preserving life, preserving love, and preserving history.

To provide the very proof that love existed in the first place.

Therefore, in reverence for the gravity of that which I do, I choose to exercise the restraint to only tell those stories through the veil of authenticity, and to capture your most meaningful moments that will record history for generations to come.

He has changed the way people look at wedding films.

This he ensured early on by injecting his signature style in his videos. Capturing emotions – the overlooked and the unseen – are his trademark shots. Add to that appropriate musical scoring and it results to a highly moving, cinematic journey back to one’s wedding day.
— Reby Gaw of The Philippine Times 2013

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The importance of craft in my work is reflected by my commitment to serving a limited number of clients each year. Forging a profound connection with couples from day one, I believe the most authentic films emerge from a mutual trust.


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