J O H N  &  J E N N I F E R
a cinematic movie


Call us old-fashioned if you like, but we have to admit that we love fairytales. We love princes and princesses. We love the idea of falling in love. Maybe that’s why we also love filming weddings, because it sort of amalgamates these things in the real world. John & Jennifer's surreal wedding day story will remind you that fairytales really do come true. And with a theme as whimsical as their love story, we realized how fun it is to have an happy ever after.

Jennifer looked like a breathtaking princess, and John, her prince, was as dapper as can be! They tied the knot at Maia with their uber fun entourage, all looking dapper and stunning. And as romantic as can be, the savvy dinner reception was just so chic and sophisticated.

We are thrilled to our wits that the weddings we are seeing get more and more style-savvy as each day passes. We know that every single wedding is beautiful in it’s own right, but we also can’t deny how we get all excited when the details and elements of a celebration exude uniqueness. John & Jennifer's wedding is a sure testament to that. It was a gorgeous and steady affair. And when they say “All you need is love”, we’re kind of tempted to agree. Unique elements bundled with true love… seem to just mesmerize us.

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