John & Shereen

Who is ever prepared for love? How would you know when you are within its aura? Would you ever be ready when it presents itself? John & Shereen's story reveals how love, destiny as some may call it, can happen in an instance, wherever you may be.

Their story is a real life testimony of true love and the power of God. True love, as they say, comes when you least expect it. And how much more magical can it be when you meet your one true love within the house of God? At the perfect moment, at the perfect place.

God indeed answers prayers.

The entire wedding was a fairytale. Extravagant, romantic and most especially... "enchanting".

So please, share a tear with us, as their story.......unfolds...

Cinematographers: Aldin Ortinez, Vincent Vu & Thanh Nguyen  | Editor: Aldin Ortinez

Thank you John & Shereen for welcoming us like family! We felt really loved all throughout the journey :)


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