M A T T H E W   &   C A N D I C E
The Cinematic Highlights


When a sweet and intimate affair such as this comes our way, we just stop for a while and thank our lucky stars for surrounding us with these kinds of endearing weddings. A few family and friends coupled with beautiful details to celebrate love is a surefire recipe to get a gentle tug at your heartstrings. It’s really no surprise that their wedding was executed with such elegance and sweetness.

The combination of genuine smiles and displays of affection, enhanced by beautiful lighting make for an amazing wedding film that will be cherished for years! And to say that this wedding is beautiful is an understatement. The sparkly star-like lights from the city backdrop alone is enough to send us to wedding dreamland!

This timeless and beautiful hue, and the stunningly magical and timeless feel, Candice and Matthew’s wedding day paints a golden picture of a wedding that is gorgeous in every sense of the word.

Matthew & Candice, we wish you nothing but happiness and joy. Being surrounded by your friends and family made us feel lucky to have documented your first day as a husband and wife. Your wedding was a perfect reminder of how to love and cherish each moment before it’s gone. Thank you for making us fall in love with we do even more.
— Aldin

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