Linh & Phillip

Where do I begin?

Well, let me just start by saying... "WE DID IT!!!"

We shot our first destination wedding in the absolutely breathtaking Sydney, Australia!

This was my first time in Sydney. First time to visit such a beautiful place, made possible by people who trust and beleive in our craft as film makers, as artists... can't beat that. 

The experience turned out to be efficacious for the both the team and I. And how memorable it turned out to be!

Everything about Linh & Phillip's wedding was lavish, from the ceremony at Canterbury League Club - right through to the amazing reception venue which was held inside this unbelievably structured glass ship. Yes, you read that right... A ship made of glass, sailing through the night as the event slowly unfolds.

Starship Sydney.

But lavish not only means splendid and grand, it also means generous. And that describes Linh & Phillip perfectly. The attention and love they gave to their friends and family from around the world knew no bounds; It was a celebration for all. And as a whole, all they are is giving.

We love creating memories for couples, but this wedding was one that created beautiful memories for ourselves as well, not just beacuse we were in a distant place from home doing what we love, but because we got to spend time with two amazing people celebrating love, family and life.


Cinematographers: Aldin Ortinez, Vincent Vu & Christopher Lim

D.O.P | Editor: Aldin Ortinez

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Photography by: Justin Tran Photography alongside Spiro Rokos
Make-up & Hair by: Ultimate Makeover - Jessica Cao

MC Host: Joseph Dinh

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