William & Marina - The Wedding

There are a hundred ways to say "I love you."

The romantic gestures, the big surprises, the displays of affection, and even just by remembering the smallest of details, we try our best to show our special someone just how much they mean to us.

And then, there are some people who are not able to say the three little words.

Well, William ain't one of them. In fact, with the courage that he had upon receiving the microphone for his personal vow for Marina, he just might have summarized it all...

He had his notes, prepared it on time, and when the time came, he hid it in his breast pocket and made use of what was written in his heart.

This stands as a challenge to all the grooms out there! What matters most is letting your loved one know just how much they mean to you. And what better way to say it than to have it come straight from the heart and not from paper. :)


Cinematographers: Aldin Ortinez & Vincent Vu | Editor: Aldin Ortinez 

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