I'm Published!

If anyone ever told me that my work would end up being published on the homepage of a major fashion brand in Melbourne, then I probably wouldn't believe it. It can happen, but not that fast.

Well, today, I am tremendously excited to share with you an accomplishment I oh-so heartwarmingly value.


The video featured on the website is in fact my very first attempt on filming a BTS fashion shoot video. Needless to say, I didn't have any experience in dealing with the possible situations that might and will occur on the event. So, I've gathered all my film making prowess and experience from dealing with short films and weddings and... did my best. Which, in everything, is all that's ever needed. ;)

Here's the featured video:

I am humbled to work alongside Cesur Sanli of Cesur Sanli Photography for whom I am greatful to, especially to the whole team of creatives responsible for delivering such an amazing fashion shoot event!

You can visit their website by clicking here!: Ping Pong Clothing 

Oh, and by the way... there's another one on the way ;) soon...

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