John & Meagan

I have never met Meagan before the actual day of her wedding. Nor has she seen or spoken to me before in person!

But the amount of trust she has given me and the team for the biggest day of her life is beyond belief.

See, we have been communicating for countless months, weeks, days before her big day only through e-mail. And to have been blessed by her trust means so much to me, knowing that I haven't sent her any "wedding videos" I have done.

And she has taught me a valuable lesson. 

Sometimes you just have to take the risk. Sometimes you just have to give-in and fall. Sometimes, you just have to trust, even though "trust" proves to be one of the hardest things to give.

So, Meagan, thank you for the trust, and thank you for the delightful conversations over the mail. :)

It's been such a journey.

Aldin OrtinezComment