Zara & Chanel

A video dedicated to my oh-so-adorable cousins, Zara and Chanel. :)

One of the best things about shooting this event was the fact that I was shooting my family & friends and work didn’t really feel like work at all. 

I still remember my auntie glued-in to her iMac, scrolling over internet searches, girlie themes & ideas, and loads and loads of cupcake photos. Her level of concentration was that like of a teenager on Facebook, intense.

I did not realize that a Christening and a birthday celebration would require THAT much attention to detail & preparation, much like of a wedding. But I guess, that's just how my auntie loves her two beautiful daughters. and even my uncle (Anthony Valdez)! who gave my super-kulit cousin Zara an iPad 2 for her birthday! at 2-years old! talk about daddy's love for his precious little daughter. If that doesn't make her a "daddy's girl", I don't know what will.

Anyway, the celebration was indeed a blast!

From the beautifully crafted cupcake tower by CharmFull of Icing, to the sumptuous food, to the ever-so-pink atmosphere, to the beautiful friends & guests, and finally and most especially, the loving presence of our dearest "Mommy", who took care of Chanel during the entire course of the party.

The girls were like princesses.

The food & ambience were fantastic.

and the celebration couldn't have been more perfect.

Welcome to the Christian world Baby Chanel!

& Happy 2nd Birthday to little mischievous Zara!

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