Daniel & Emmelyn - Sunshine Always Follows

It had been raining the whole week in Melbourne, and the wedding day was no exception.

Dark clouds were looming since morning and it was no surprise that by afternoon, the rain wasn't letting up.  At times it was a downpour, but for the most part, it was a steady cold drizzle.

Now, I'd like to tell you what goes through my mind when things like these happen.
I really could care less about getting wet, or the discomfort or difficulty of the situation.
The SINGULAR thing I am concerned with is the emotional state of my couple.

"How are they?"
"How are they feeling?"

Because I need them to be okay. I need them to be fine. That's the one thing I ask for so I can do my job to the best of my abilities. If they're not, I'm not. But how can you ask a bride and a groom to be ok in the midst of a weather that's literally raining on their parade.

Ernest from Handcrafted Pictures Co. and I met the couple in the morning and honestly, I expected a 'zilla freaking out or at least a sobbing mess of a bride.

But I didn't. We got to meet a couple with spirits up, cheerful and calm. They took everything in stride, accepting what they couldn't change. They knew not everything was in their power and control. They knew the more they let go, the better things would turn out.

The most magical thing to happen, like they do in the movies (yes, I'm going meta here), was that the rain just stopped for a few precious minutes just to let Em walk down the aisle, and for their ceremony to go through the notions. The timing couldn't have been more perfect.

Although, it wasn't that “magic” that made their wedding so special.

Above all, it was the genuine love between Em & Dan.
It didn't matter to them if they were in front of their families and friends, they made us see and feel like they were the only two people in the room. It didn't matter if it poured here and there, they remained still and went through their beautiful vows with pure honesty and love with every word. 

It was them. They were the magic.
They were the sunshine, on a rainy day.


A good story ALWAYS has conflict.  But on a wedding day, you cannot manufacture that. You have to look around, listen and be receptive to what can constitute possible areas of conflict. In this case, it's the weather and elements.  I built the film around it, setting the stage, highlighting the "conflict"  and then arriving at the solution/conclusion. It's a wedding. It HAS to be feel good.

*And yes, we still flew that drone despite the pouring rain.

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