Aurelia & Zbigniew - The Wedding Highlights

What if I told you... I didn't film Aurelia & Zbigniew's wedding?

I’ve had a few enquiries for their wedding day, and by the time they wanted to book me in, the date before her wedding day had already been taken... and that wedding was in Adelaide.

Aurelia wanted me to film her wedding, so I had to make a few arrangements.

I finished at 10:30pm in Adelaide, and had to book the earliest flight I could back to Melbourne. 2pm - That would get me to the venue by 3pm, just a tad after the ceremony.
That meant I had to assign my team to film everything in the morning, until my arrival.

I booked the flight, and off I went.

Now, I've always made sure that I was always present for every wedding that I accept. I suppose the difference was this was my friend's sister's wedding. And I wasn’t about to decline a friend wedding was I?

I made it clear that my team were capable of filming the same way that I do, and that all the editing work will be my responsibility.

She gladly accepted, and trusted me with weaving her story.
And boy, was the pressure on.


From the very first e-mail, she had mentioned that she just wanted an "intimate" wedding, "chill” if you may.

Now that word gets bandied out around a lot for weddings. Only to be ironically negated by an obsessive compulsive bride, a well meaning but controlling planner or even a inherently not-so-chill massive venue.

But hers, she insisted, was going to be “intimate”.

It was going to be a small private affair, celebrating it with the closest few.
Simple. Intimate.

In fact, when I flew in the afternoon of the wedding, the couple was out for a photoshoot session with Will Chao, the guests were hanging around the venue, and my team was getting ready for the reception.

As soon as I got there, I parked my car, went straight to the lav, put my suit on, and off I went to shoot.

Go with flow. Roll with the proceedings. It’s gonna be an amazing night.
And indeed, it was.

I do feel like I missed out on all that had transpired on the day. But that made me realise how important my role was as a videographer.

I remembered once again that I am entrusted with the responsibility of preserving memories for generations to come.

You see, you and I may not have been there to witness their wedding day, but I would like to think that somehow my team (with a little bit of my help) were able to tell their story in the best way we know how.

Beyond all else, I’m honoured with the sacred trust that every couple has given my team and I over these past few years, and for the rest of this long journey.

I'm in it for the long haul. That you can count on.

Here's to the next few, and to Aurelia & Zbigniew's first day as husband and wife.


Aldin OrtinezComment