Ruth Dooley & Daniel Pua - A Wedding at St.Augustine's Church

Exactly one year ago, today, we witnessed the very beautiful & moving wedding of Ruth Dooley & Daniel Pua.

To tell their story, I need fifteen minutes of your time.
It’s long yes, but savour every moment, every cut, every beat, every breath of the edit.

You will feel love. In your mind, in your heart, in your bones.
You will feel the heat and the breeze of Melbourne weather, and the warmth of the people sharing the big moment with the couple.

You will feel the calm beauty of the bride. You will revel with the couple as they dance with love and happiness. You become part of their day and catch a glimpse of how perfect and in love Ruth and Daniel are.

This will take you away. I promise.

Wedding Ceremony: St. Augustine's Church
Wedding Gown: Anna Campbell

Aldin OrtinezComment