Caleb & Semi - The Same Day Edit

I try my best not to cry at weddings.
But yesterday, at Caleb and Semi's wedding I did.

It was beautiful and special not only because of their personal vows for each other, but because stripped down to its essence, this was about true love.

Taken out of context –

“For the past six years, you have loved me so sweetly and gave me much hope. I pray that I will bring the same joy to your life, for the rest of our time together." - Semi

"I choose you to share all my happiness with. I choose you to care for and to grow old with, and I choose to be yours always." - Caleb

This was a surprise Same Day Edit.
It was not planned, nor expected.

But when faced with such beautiful footage, memories captured in time, of love and joy - I could not help but share their story through what it is that I do best.

I love what I do, and I still can’t believe I’m blessed enough to be able to share my passion for telling stories with such beautiful and kind people.

Caleb and Semi, my heart overflows with love for you both. I’m honoured to have documented your first day as husband and wife. I am thankful to have been invited into your lives, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both.

Wedding Video by: Aldin Ortinez
Photographer: Will Chao Photography
Wedding Venue: Sandringham Yacht Club

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